Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd., established to address the needs of merging Western and Asian yachting communities.


Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd. is all about offering solutions to our clients. Normally those solutions fall within the three main categories…Consultation, Representation and of course Sourcing.

Sourcing custom or limited production marine products are regulated by the following factors…

  • Your original input must be clear in terms of technical accuracy, written and photo / rendering communication to us.
  • Our ability to find and communicate with manufacturers willing and able to produce quality products at a fixed price…
  • The manufacturer's permission for us to visit the factory as your agent, during production of your products. (We won't attempt to source custom products otherwise.) 
  • Scheduling as required by you.
  • Post production approvals to ship.
  • Shipping conditions and costs….

These conditions met, Marine products are available in Asia.

We source for Domestic as well as International clients requiring custom or mass produced marine products.

A 'short list' of those products includes…

  • High Quality Yacht Interiors.
  • Marine Interior and Exterior Lighting.
  • Custom Marine Hardware
  • Mass Produced Marine Hardware.
  • Superb Veneers and Solid Woods.
  • Yacht Window Glass.
  • Composite Materials (including custom formulated resins).
  • FRP Tooling (Traditionally crafted as well as CNC cut).
  • Small Water Craft of every description.
  • Custom and mass produced Boat/Yacht Models.



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