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Sailing Training Program

NOCSP sailing training for teenagers

The National Organisation of Community Sailing Programs (NOCSP) is a not-for-profit operation in China. Since its start in 2005, NOCSP has successfully set up a sailing network covering six coastal cities in China (Qingdao, Rizhao, Shanghai,Weihai, Shenzhen and Xiamen). By 2009, more than 100 international coaches have successfully trained over 2000 Chinese children. NOCSP’s aim to give Chinese Youth from all backgrounds an opportunity to learn the sport of sailing. The program is educationally progressive as the participants are not only learning to sail but learning how a boat is made, the importance of a clean marine environment, how to repair a boat and the various Olympic Sailing Classes. 

In NOCSP Sailing Schools, you will learn:

  • Spirit and History of Olympic Games
  • Exploring boat types sailed in Olympic games
  • To know Sailing Instruction in Mandarin and English
  • Certificates delivered by NOCSP
  • How to Clean/Take Care/Repair Boat
  • Maintenance of Water Craft
  • How to Repair Damages Arts & Crafts Education
  • Making of boat models
  • Making of Navigational Sails
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Teaching about the importance of marine environment


Lessons Program Schedule:

Training Period: July 12th, 2010 to August 21th (Summer Holiday) , having classes.

Daily Schedule 6 days totally from 13:00 PM to 18:00PM every day , normally 6 days for period, we also can offer 3 days for 1 period (which only for the team applications) Every semester will have around 10 students, which are provided with NOCSP T-shirt and Hat each for each student..     

Vessel used for Training: OP Sailboats approved by International Sailing Federations.

Training Coaches: Equipped with1 foreign coach, 1 interpreting coach and 2 Chinese Assistant Coaches

Qualifications of Students:  Teenagers who are over 7 years old, the height is no more than 150cm and weight is less than 55kg, in good health and can swim.

Required of TrainerAbove 7-year-old teenager whose height is over1.5 m and weight is over 55 kg can    be able to swim and also in good health is allowed to be anticipated.

Training FeesRMB3, 000 / person

Recruitment CompanyShenzhen Southern Star Studio
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Contact Person:  Ms. Jiang
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