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Sailboat Training Certificate


Introduction to Sailboat Training Programs: 帆船培训项目的具体内容及相关介绍

There are 3 types of training programs available through our programs:

1. Type A (Senior Class) A类 (高级班)

2. Type B ( Middle Class) and B类(中级班)

3. Type C (Junior), C类(初级班)

Presently, we are promoting the Type B (with Type C included), allowing the Certified Trainee to operate sailboats legally.
目前我们正在推广的培训为B类(含C类), 一旦您获取了证书,请可以自己发操作帆船了。

The price for this type is 13800RMB per person with training period lasting for 8 days (spread out over 4 weekends).

The Trainee has the opportunity to attend a 2nd examination at no cost if he/she does not pass the examination the 1st time.

PS: Trainees are not allowed to attend the Type A Senior Training Program without passing theType B Certificate.

Conditions to Apply for the training course: 学员报名条件:

Male and female applicants must be over 18 years old. A copy of ID or Passport with recent health condition certificate are required.

Sailboats are used for training :培训所使用的船只:

Beneteau 40.7ft

Coach Qualifications: 培训师资质:

Coach : Domestic and International Professional Captains / Sailors
培训师: 国内外资深教练

Training Courses: 培训课程:

a. Theory: Sailboat Structure, Equipments, Steering & Maintenance

b. Practice: Steering & Operation of Sailboats, including the rescue knowledge and operation of rudder and raising and lowering of sails etc.
实践:帆船驾驶及操作,包括出海前15~30分钟海上安全急救常识及掌 舵升帆操作,参予帆船 比赛等

Training Semester Scheduling 培训时间:

The training semester will start when the number of trainees are over 10 persons, but normally there will be a semester every month. The specific semester will be decided upon when your application form is submitted.


Training Specific Time Schedule: 培训日程

The training time will last from 9am to 11:30am, then 2:00pm to 5:00pm, trainees need to arrange their own transportation and meals during classes. The training place is in Long Cheer Yacht Club at Nanao, Shenzhen.

Examination and Certification : 考试及所获取的证书类型

The examination paper will be written in English and Chinese and the Sailboat Steering Certificate will be gained after the trainers successfully pass the examination, It is approved by China Sailboats Association.

Insurance: (保险)

Insurance is included in the price.

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