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Custom Yacht Models

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Regardless of an individual's yachting background or commitment, boat and yacht models allow us to clearly understand, visualize and cherish new and old yacht designs.

Through experience Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd, understands commitment to a specific yacht or product line requires very high attention toward the model, detailed cosmetic value, realistic pricing and timely delivery. Please review our "Letters of Recommendation" offered by our past Clients. We also know your model and its shipping crate may need to be strong enough to survive future transits to you or by you (boat shows, exhibitions). At the very least your model must withstand many years of touching and prodding.

Please review the "Pricing Guideline" for our models, as it will give you an idea of our Pricing. Because models vary greatly in detail, we will require enough information to provide you with an accurate (fixed) quote and time schedule.

Model Ordering Procedure...

To receive a fixed Quotation, please forward the following info. ...

  • Exterior Profile of the Hull and Superstructure (e drawing or Sketch ok)
  • Deck Plans showing deck treatments, deck machinery
  • And a list of Key Concept items that will allow us to know the requirements...LOA of the real boat, desired scale, or model size, the intended use and number of models and your preferred delivery date.
  • With that information we can provide you with an accurate quotation.
  • Before we start to build your models we will require,

  • A 3D Rhino model and/or related AutoCAD files.
  • Related Renderings or photos/sketches if you have them.
  • Specifications of all equipment that will be applied to the model.
  • Colors and textures (please refer to Awlgrip color chart numbers or similar.)
  • Display case preferences...we can build to your design of course.
  • Deposit of 50% of the value of the order sent to our YCA business account in Hong Kong.

Thanks again for your interest, hoping to hear from you soon. Please contact us and we'll reply soon.

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