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Sourcing: Yacht Interiors

Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd knows a lot about Marine Interiors. We can remember (used to build 'em)… when a 36' Cabin Cruiser was considered big yacht, and when yacht interiors where invariably a mixture of highly varnished Honduras Mahogany above a teak and holly sole, with a splash of white paint to brighten things up a bit. With a launch price of something between $500-$1000 / ft back then, today's interior design, manufacturing and outfitting budgets were unthinkable!

Today a very big yacht approximates 50+ meters in length. At 25 to 40% of the total cost of today's yachts. the budget for interior joinery design, furniture/cabinet construction, finishing and outfitting, represent a very significant cost of the total value of your project.

Interior joinery shop management, design, production equipment, procedures, materials needs have changed to the same degree.

Excellence in Yacht Joinery requires utmost attention to detail, achieved only by controlling every aspect of the build.

Our Yacht Interior Manufacturers do just that in the following ways:

  • Have been successfully building furniture/cabinetry/interiors for decades, and can offer substantial references, testimonials, recommendations, from previous clients worldwide.
  • Employ ISO, LEAN, SIX SIGMA etc, administrative, QC and production techniques.
  • Possess multi millions (USD) in terms of company assets, and inventory.
  • May consider short and long term partnerships.
  • Will build on a custom or production basis.
  • Utilize CNC based technology, utilizing state of the art European brand, 3 and 5 axis woodworking CNC machines.
  • Provide or create interior hardware components exactly as specified or designed by you or us.
  • Are proven manufacturers of very high quality cabinetry, furniture and joinery.
  • Utilize state of the art finishing equipment and products.
  • Can develop your conceptual drawings to fully detailed shop drawings.
  • Will ship worldwide to your shipyard or yacht safely on time and in the order you require the Interior Components… from sub soles to headliners.
  • Employ highly skilled staff with very low employee turnover.
  • Keep very high amounts of minimum veneer and solid stock inventories.
  • Fully capable in all modern interior materials, hot or cold pressing, and vacuum bagging.
  • Are familiar with and invite Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd. (acting as your agent) to oversee your project at anytime.

Please browse through our Yacht Interior Gallery page, to view random samples of work by these companies.

Note: Products shown on that page are not for sale or suggested designs.

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