Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd., established to address the needs of merging Western and Asian yachting communities.

Yacht Careers & Headhunting Service

With an ever increasing number of Yacht Companies and individual Yacht builds started in Asia adding to an already skilled labor shortage, our Yacht Careers & Headhunting Service represents an opportunity for both employers and employees.

Since conception, Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd. has been enlisted to find skilled Yacht designers and boatbuilding technicians from all trade disciplines, to work here in Asia. Conversely, we're often approached by foreign design companies and well known Western Yacht manufacturing companies to find skilled Asian based designers and manufactures to produce on an OEM basis. Recognizing these needs as practical, permanent and symbiotic, we now offer the placement service described below.

If You are looking for work...

Typically, when a foreign tradesman is employed by an Asian Shipyard, he will work 5.5 days / week. Often duties may best be described as a "hands on manager" and he will be known for and possess very high skills within his trade discipline.

Your team will be primarily Asian of course, usually possessing a work ethic that you will be proud to be associated with. Normally you'll be given a translator, housing and transportation as required to do your job. Often Special Holidays are given, adding to the standard Asian holidays, allowing you to get home once or twice during the year.

We strongly advise staying home unless you are very skilled, love your work and have a natural ability to adapt to new environments.

That said, and you're still sincerely interested in relocating to Asia, please contact us at info@yca-hk.com attaching your detailed resume / CV, with a recent photo. Please attach references, with permission to contact them. Make us aware of confidentiality issues we need to adhere to on a separate sheet. After verifying your abilities, we will assign you a Candidate ID number, posting it on this site, at no charge to you. We will not advertise your name until given permission by you.

If you are an Employer...

Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd., can arrange interviews with managers and specialized trades people, perfectly suited for the positions you have available.

Please view our Candidates' pages. If you find a Candidate who you are interested in please download our Employer's Advertising Agreement, fill it out as instructed, and return to us.

After verifying your needs and agreeing to our rates, we will assign the position a Placement ID number, posting the requirements on this and other websites, as well as utilize our team of associates to get the results you need. Acting as your agent we stay with you through the entire process, from finding the skilled help you require and verifying skills, to arranging final interview Your identity and all information provided will remain confidential until you agree we use them.

An alternative of course is to contact us, describing your Human Resource needs.

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