Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd., established to address the needs of merging Western and Asian yachting communities.

YCA Team

Jiang Yuan Yuan (Sunshine), YCA General Manager
Jiang Yuan Yuan (Sunshine)

YCA General Manager

Originally from Beijing, Miss Jiang relocated to Shenzhen after 4 years at China’s Dalian University of Foreign Language. She earned a diploma for excellence of the English Language. Miss Jiang (Sunshine) initially worked at Asia Vital Component Co., Ltd, in Shenzhen as Translator for AVC’s Rearch & Development Department, as well as Test Engineer, and Document Attacher. Sunshine provided main communication link between AVC customers such as NEC, DELL and INTEL. Attesting to her early skills, other responsibilities included negotiation, delivery forecasts, pricing and customer follow up.

Leaving AVC to find an even more challenging position, Sunshine joined IAG Yachts Group, as Executive Assistant / Translator to IAG founding G. M., Bill Baycroft in 2005. It was at IAG where Sunshine found the challenge she was looking for. She played a vital role in the concurrent tasks of starting a new Superyacht company, setting up a new shipyard, creating bilingual suppliers, materials, human resource, data bases, and applying her skills to the bilingual development of a new 39 meter yacht design.

Early in 2007, Miss Jiang once again joined forces with Bill Baycroft as his Executive Assistant at Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd. Sunshine continues to accept challenges, and assist in creating practical solutions to building Yachts in Asia. As a client of YCA you will enjoy her ability to seamlessly bridge eastern and western culture, and admire her inexhaustible energy.

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