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Liu Ying, YCA Graphic Artist
Liu Ying

YCA Graphic Artist

Born and raised in Hunan Province China, Ms. Liu graduated after 4 years at SCCM Mianyang Arts College in Sichuang City, where she majored in Graphic Design.

After graduating Sherry moved to Hunan City where she worked for Juren Advertisement Company.

Seeking new challenges and eager to learn the most modern aspects of graphic design she relocated to Shenzhen.

There, she found employment with Zhongheng Caishen as a graphic artist, creating a broad range of commercial artwork.

Sherry has been working closely with our YCA team since late 2007 and she has applied her artistic skills to the creation new logos, posters, brochures, pamphlets and creative presentation for YCA and our valued Clients. 

Proving to be tireless in approach to her craft and a joy to work with, Liu Ying is an exceptional person with the exceptional ability to create exceptional results.

Sherry also has her own clothing business (YI WA) in Donguan City, not far from Shenzhen, where she and her partner David Jiang, produce a broad clothing and accessories line for domestic and international distribution. To learn more about how they may meet your clothing requirements contact them directly … Sherry yiwa001@yahoo.com.cn  or David   jiang.dawei2007@gmail.com if your interest are in the clothing/accessory trade.

Through YIWA, YCA will soon be creating our own Brand of Yacht Fashion clothing and accessories, with Sherry and David playing the lead roles in the design and overseeing of the manufacturing of our new product line.

Please contact Sherry at design@yca-hk.com or directly at the email addresses above.

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