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Model Pricing Guideline

YCA (Custom) Yacht Models Pricing Guideline

Size Ranges Model Length (mm) Price Range (Pending Complexity)
   RMB (Chinese Yuan)     USD
1 650---700 14,500‐‐15,950 2,320‐‐2,552
2 700---850 17,400‐‐20,300 2,784‐‐3,248
3 850---1000 20,300‐‐21,750 3,248‐‐3,480
4 1000---1100 21,750‐‐23,925 3,480‐‐3,828
5 1100---1300 24,750‐‐29,700 3,960‐‐4,752
6 1300---1600 29,700‐‐37,500 4,752‐‐6,000
7 2000 57,750‐‐66,000 9,240‐‐10,560


1.Price includes reusable plywood shipping crate, with the model mounted to display mounting board, rebated all around for 6mm Lexan dust cover. We advize not include the cover itself, as we try to keep the shipping (costs) weight down, but of course can provide it too, if you can’t or don’t want to get it made locally. We can provide any mounting board style you like.

2. Although pricing does not include shipping, we will make the shipping arrangements for you as we are well known to FedEx and DHL, after the shipping destination is known.


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