Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd., established to address the needs of merging Western and Asian yachting communities.
Q. Asia (especially China and India) has a reputation for producing cheap but low quality items, of that there is no doubt... how do I be sure that the products and services I require will be equal to or better than the product we're accustomed to?

A. Typically products built here are made to exact specifications provided by their customers, so its important to understand that poor quality also originates from places other than the manufacturer, including design specification and market demands. That's not so say however that manufacturers are not to share blame in their own part. Insuring quality requires proven procedural techniques that include proper design and specifications. It's necessary for YCA (HK) Ltd. to understand your product and market demands, matching them to manufacturers' with proven, abilities, infrastructure, resources and of course reputation. It's always good to have prototypes or "Samples" built to be inspected by YCA (HK) Ltd. staff before entering into a full on production agreement. We can properly represent your company, assisting in all aspects of the process from design to shipment.

Q. Is it possible to order custom yacht products or small volumes of custom pieces?

A. Certainly! There are many companies willing and able to produce smaller runs or one offs of custom products of every kind. They will insist in most cases, building to your exact design specification, at a prearranged price. It's our job as your agent, to find the right company, liaison and verify the product as its being built. Don't expect huge savings on limited runs or one offs, but do expect cost effective quality, with schedules and agreements to be met.

Q. We are Chinese Group located in Guangdong Province China. We want to start building Boats here in China for foreign export, please let us know what YCA's role would be starting a new shipyard here and marketing abroad.

A. Our role in this case could be to find an existing "turnkey" shipyard here in China for you to move into, or if one doesn't exist, assist in finding the right location to build from the ground up. We can provide you with an appropriate Shipyard Design, provide the buildings, as well as experienced management and staff. Marketing abroad could include setting up dealerships for products of your design or providing you with a workload from overseas building OEM. Regardless of the variables, YCA (HK) Ltd. can assist in all aspects of Yacht design and construction and export to feed a hungry market.

Q. Can YCA assist in the strategy and logistics of relocating our existing USA based Yacht Manufacturing business to China?

A. Yes we can assist in the relocation of your existing foreign based shipyard, providing you have clearly defined expectations and results in mind. Different levels of government in China offer many incentives to foreign companies wishing to do relocate to China. YCA (HK) Ltd. can offer you consultation and full time representation here, greatly assisting you in the production of accurate feasibility studies, as well as setting up and running your facility here.

Q. I'm retiring soon and have considered building a 52'Yacht in Asia for economic reasons, is there a reputable custom builder over there, and how do I find what I'm looking for?

A. Yes, there are many reputable "one off" builders here in Asia. Lets us know exactly what your looking for in hull form, styling and budget...we should be able to match you up to a very competent and like minded builder. If you're not certain of the budget or exact design, we can help. With many years of Western "hands on" boat building experience, we can understand your requirements, and effectively act as your agent and technical advisor, in all aspects of your new boat.

Q. Food is important to me, I'm a food lover, and diet is important to me. While in Asia, do I need to worry about getting bogus food? Any Chinese food I've seen comes all chopped up and mixed together in a bowl and I've been told by many friends that Asians will eat just about anything!

A. A little out of context but a practical question nonetheless,even if you're just visiting for a short while. Jokingly, some Chinese say that they will eat everything but the kitchen table, but in fact most are very fussy about their diet and quality of food. Great pride is taken in providing a true meal from a far away home province, and restaurants are very happy places to congregate.

All major cities offer Western or European style food, from Cordon Bleu Cuisine, to Mac Donald's, KFC etc. Most dietary, ethnic or religious diets are readily available as well. Local dishes are normally splendid (depending on your tastes) and at very low cost. What some people eat, might shock you however... if you're not adventurous in this aspect your preferred foods are never far away.

Smaller cities and towns differ in this respect, offering little Western or European food choices...but a good selection of fine foods nonetheless.

Keep in mind John, that man cannot live on boiled dog and seaweed alone!

Q. I've heard there very few yachts owned and operated in China...is that true and if so...why?

A. There are a lot of yachts in China, but I think you're stating comparatively few pleasure yachts, per % of population.

In the past, coastal areas have been utilized primarily for military and commercial use, but the evergrowing acceptance and adaptation of Western lifestyles are remarkably evident with more and more coastal areas are being rezoned to permit marinas for pleasure yachts. It's an exiting time for China's pleasure yacht community, with marina facilities of grand scale being planned or already well under construction in many coastal cities.

Q. Once I arrive, how will I know where to go, who to see and get around.

A. Call us in advance before coming to Asia, it's important to have an organized itinerary, well planned out in advance. Business coordination and pre-verified cooperation must be well defined before you arrive. We advise to limit your first visit to Asia to a simple adgenda,allowing you to easier understand and enjoy the many cultural and business differences.
We can work with you and your interests here to be more certain of a successful business trip.

Q. Is conversational or technical language translation going to be a problem?; I deal in high tech boat and yacht products and will need to get my point across, clearly and effectively.

A. Inaccurate translation can be a huge problem. Without reliable and honest translators, all sorts of misunderstandings, frustration and tension can quickly develop. When negotiating, it is vital to have your own qualified translator who is not only familiar with your product but the task at hand. As your agent, YCA (HK) Ltd. will provide you certified legal transcribing, accurate technical translation, as well as any other translation needs.

Q. How do we transfer money?

A. Transferring funds depends on amounts, preferred status of the participant's counties, and the manufacturer and client... TT, LC, Credit cards, are standard. Once the introduction of the client to the manufacturer or supplier is made, methods of money transfer can be easily established.

Q. Are there shipyards available in Asia that can build Super Yachts to Classification Specs.?

A. Building bigger yachts requires a great amount of technical know how, adequate infrastructure coupled with experienced management teams and competent manpower. Superyachts are being built in Asia and newly formed companies are becoming popular. Several experienced North American and European Superyacht companies are setting up shop here and there are Asian yards who have proven themselves. Shipyard availability however, can be an issue due to the increasing amount of new Super Yacht builds worlwide as well as Asia. Let us know what and when your requirements are and we will keep you informed. Offices of classification societies and IMO approved tank testing facilities, are within close reach.

Q. I'm not into yachts and hopefully never will be... what other services and products are available there, does YCA source non marine related stuff?

A. YCA (HK) Ltd.specializes in marine related services and products, with staff who are experienced in the marine industry...but yes...in fact we do source non-marine related services and products, if we're sure we can do it properly. We know it's important our crew fully understand the technical / cosmetic aspects as well as comparable market values of the product required.

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