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We appreciate your interest in advertising your Business on Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd. Classified Ads. Please review our website advertising options and fees below.

Advertising on our site not only provides a convenient service to the Asian and Western Yachting Communities in general, but it gives you with great exposure to a focused international market.

Our web design department is able to create logos and banners and text to suit your needs.

Banner/Logo Options and Rates

We will consider any reasonable request for Banner/Graphics Design or positioning within our website, however we recommend the following Options as described below. Once your Banner is created positioned on our website, we will request final approval and payment. Expect 2-3 weeks before your ad will appear on the YCA website. It will link to your site immediately upon notification to you

Page Sidebar - Small Size

Size sample only
(155 x 70 pixels)
$10.5 USD / Month
(Minimum 6 Months)
Page Sidebar - Medium Size

Size sample only
(155 x 100 pixel)
$15.5 USD / Month
(Minimum 6 Months)
Page Sidebar - Big Size

Size sample only
(155 x 155 pixels)
$ 21 USD / Month
(Minimum 6 Months)
Page Sidebar - Jumbo Size

Size sample only
(155 x 310)
$29 USD / Month
(Minimum 6 Months)
Page Bottom - Half Page Width Banner (240 x 70 pixels) $18.00usd / month)

Size sample only
Size sample only

Page Bottom - Full Page Width Banner (500 x 70 pixels) $32.00usd / month)

Size sample only

Design Fees:

I want YCA to design a banner: $50.00usd
      (Includes 3 Banner Samples)

I want YCA to create advertising text: $50.00usd
      (Includes 1 text script, to accompany each Banner.)

I prefer my ad to appear on YCA page *:

(Browse www.yca-hk.com , go to the appropriate page of your choice, copy the url of that page and paste into the boxes above and below.)

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