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Barracuda Yacht Design: Spain



Even by the very high standards, synonymous with Barracuda Yacht Design, Santander is a remarkable Flybridge Performance Motor Sailing Yacht, in that it includes a spacious open Flybridge area, with plenty of lounging and entertainment appointments, not normally found in Sailing Yachts less than 40 meters.

Although at present sailing is more frequently thought of as a leisure activity than mode of transport, especially with the advent of frequent and low-cost flights available from sites such as Fly.com and others. However, the luxurious dining area, sunbathing beds and space for relaxation, could almost make yachts such as The Santander an appealing way of traveling abroad for many travelers.



         Principal Characteristics         

  • Overall Length: 36.50 m
  • Waterline Lenght: 32.35 m
  • Maximum Beam: 8.26 m
  • Maximum Draft : 4.00/6.50 m
  • Displacement: 140 Tm
  • Ballast: 48 Tm
  • Water: 4000 lt
  • Fuel: 18,000 lt
  • Mainsail: 313 m2




The Santander
120 ft(36.5meter) High Performance Motor Sailing Yacht. Distinctive features included a long main deck superstructure hosting a steering position forward, internal dining area and long saloon with a continuous view arrangement. On top of which sits a distinctive flybridge with plenty of space for handling the controls, separate seating and dining area and sunbathing beds. A large and practical garage with swim platform provides flexibility and great access to the sea. A large aft terrace on the main deck, more often seen only on yachts of around 40m plus, provides a comfortable and fairly well protected space for further relaxation. Options exist for an aluminium or composite construction and speeds under power of up to 14knots can be attained.

Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

For more information regarding the fantastic Santander 120’ (36.5meter) Performance Sailing Yacht please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


118' (36 meter) "CLASSIC" SAILING YACHT

With “Classic” traditional styling, the LA TOJA - 118’ (36meter) “CLASSIC” SAILING YACHT has been carefully engineered to meet or surpass modern structural design and high materials standards. This very beautiful vessel is finely appointed and will provide its owner with a very high degree of prestige.


 Principal Characteristics 

  • Length: 35 m
  • Waterline Length: 27.25 m
  • Beam: 6.95 m
  • Draft (Min&Max): 3.70 - 6 m
  • Displacement: 95 Tm 
  • Ballast: 36 Tm 
  • Water: 4,000 lt
  • Fuel: 6,000 lt
  • Construction: Composites /Aluminium




    This stylish-looking neo-classic continues a growing demand for 100ft plus 'day sailers'. She looks fast and is likely to be effective on the classic race courses. Interesting features include stowage aft, for a classic-looking tender which can be craned from its chocks and launched over either rail, bypassing the need for a complicated stern garage. The LA TOJA - 118’ (36meter) “CLASSIC” SAILING YACHT, has been designed to be built in aluminum or lighter carbon fiber composites.

    Carbon spars, push-button electro-hydraulic controls and a high aspect sail plan look relatively easy to handle for a small crew. The accommodation is for eight guest and a a number of crew and there’s a useful-looking, full-width machinery compartment housing a single main Engine and two gen sets.

    Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

    For more information regarding the amazing La Toja 118’ (36meter) “Classic” Sailing Yacht please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


    28 Meter (92ft) Motorsailer Cruising Yacht

    This Ciudadela 28 meter Yacht is the perfect compromise between a serious motor yacht and a long range performance Sailing Yacht as quite literally, it is both. This Barracuda Yacht Design masterpiece was designed specifically to meet the needs of the entire adventurous family or corporate team and their families. Year round adventure sailing is achievable due to the permanent Hardtop Bimini that covers the entire exterior entertainment/lounge area. At 220m2 the mainsail alone, covers more square meters than an average 3 bedroom apartment ashore.




                                     Principal Characteristics 

                            • Length: 28 m
                            • Beam: 7 m
                            • Draft: 3.10/4.80 m
                            • Displacement: 70 Tm
                            • Ballast: 24.75 Tm
                            • Water: 3300 lt
                            • Fuel: 5940 lt
                            • Sail Area: 265 m2





                            The 28 Meter (92ft) Motorsailer Cruising Yacht places special emphasis in Interior Volume and Deck Space, which is major prerequisite in comfortable and safe long range cruising. The large Owner's Stateroom, plus two guest cabins have been located in the same area, toward the stern.

                            At full beam below decks you'll find the engine room and large elevated saloon. Access to the machinery space is through the walk - through cold room and special attention has been placed on technical areas for installations.

                            The cockpit has been expanded in beam and length, with versatile distribution of furniture, creating a grand lounge area and dining room.

                            The permanent Bimini and attention paid to very simplified handling for use with minimum crew, make this yacht attractive to all aboard.

                            Under motor alone she is capable of 13 knots,(that's 312 nm/day) providing not only enjoyment but security under any weather condition.

                            Understanding the requirements to create memories, the Barracuda team has included a large toy garage, with room enough to safely stow a good sized Tender, Jets Ski and of course Diving Equipment complete with Air Compressor and bottles, leaving even more room for countless other accessories required for global cruising and exploration..

                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                            For more information regarding the Ciudadela 28 Meter (92ft) Motorsailer Cruising Yacht please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                            82' (25 meter) "Classic" Sailing Yacht

                            To meet the ever increasing demand for efficient but traditional Sailing Yachts Designs capable of long rang Ocean Cruising, YCA (HK) Ltd. is pleased to offer this splendid design by Barracuda Yacht Design from Madrid Spain. As you can see by the General Arrangements below, the Menorca 82' (25 Meter) Classic Sailing Yacht offers timeless Traditional styling but incorporates very modern underwater body lines and flawless engineering.

                            Her unique lifting keel designs offers comfortable balance during long range cruising as well as low draught for when the waters don't run so deep. We will work closely with owner of this design to provide the best of both worlds. A CUSTOM version of this design package will require 8-9 months to complete, offering the knowledgeable buyer one of a kind cosmetics styling and equipment selection opportunities.




                                     Principal Characteristics 

                            • Length: 24.10 m
                            • Beam: 6.10 m
                            • Draft: 2.60/4.20 m
                            • Displacement: 53 Tm
                            • Ballast: 16 lt
                            • Water: 1800 lt
                            • Fuel: 2800 lt
                            • Sail Area: 288 m2







                            The Menorca 82' "Classic" represents an evolution of the 70', with some conceptual modifications. She proudly boasts a more modern hull shape with a larger stern and transom. Greater interior area with aft Owner's Stateroom, and double berth cabin, an integrated dinette, a beautiful living room and well thought out galley in central area. Further forward there are two double berth cabins each with its own private bathroom. The well appointed Crew area is traditional located in fore peak. The Deckhouse includes a Navigation Station with chart table, a small dinette and comfortable lounge area. The lavish interior is finely appointed with varnished woods and natural teak, throughout. The steering or helm station is located in the Central Cockpit well away from the weather.

                            Standing rigging is made in "State of the art" high modulus carbon, balanced below with accompanying keel and rudder designed to provide the highest performance. Incorporated within the keel is a lifting dagger board offering reduced draught when anchoring and high performance when sailing.

                            Click on PDF for great General Arrangement and Specification Summary in Detail

                            For more information regarding the fantastic Menorca 82' (25m) Sailing Yacht please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                            70' (21.98 meter) "Classic" Sailing Yacht

                            We must congratulate the entire team at Barracuda Yacht Design who participated in the development of the Andraitx 70' (21.98meter) "Classic" Sailing Yacht, as it is truly an incredible blue water thoroughbred, designed with a perfect blend of tradition and performance.




                                     Principal Characteristics 

                            • Length: 21.98 m
                            • Beam: 5.93 m
                            • Draft: 2.75 m
                            • Displacement: 38 Tm
                            • Ballast: 12 TM
                            • Water: 1200 lt
                            • Fuel: 3000 lt
                            • Sail Area: 236 m2







                            Above the waterline, this is a very orthodox or traditional looking "Classic" Sailing Yacht. She was designed to be built in aluminum, and finished throughout in natural teak and varnished woods of the highest quality. While her topsides maintain extremely classical lines, she boasts a modern underwater profile, bulbous keel and hanging rudder, allowing the performance expected in a modern Yacht.

                            The driving force of that high performance is delivered effectively via her fractional rigging with runners.

                            The Andraitx 70' "Classic" Sailing Yacht stays honest in her commitment to classical styling inside and out. Her traditional but uncluttered interior, feature an "ensuite" Owner's cabin forward, with U shaped dining area, settee with high/low coffee table, Navigation area, full galley and head with shower locates in the Central Area.

                            The engine is easily accessed from the lifting stairway leading aft and upward to the Deckhouse.

                            The Deckhouse provides very elegant surroundings in the lounge area, with a stately U shaped settee with versatile folding chart/dining table.

                            Further aft and separated from the entertainment area is the aft cockpit helm station, providing plenty of room for the Skipper and his Mate.

                            This Andraitx 70' (21.98meter) "Classic" Sailing Yacht is truly an incredible blue water thoroughbred designed with that perfect blend of tradition and performance.

                            Click on PDF for General Arrangement and Specification Summary in better detail

                            For more information regarding this exceptional design, please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                            60' (18.3 meter) Performance Sailing Yacht

                            This is a very recent addition to the Barracuda line of modern Performance Sailing Yacht designs. Presently under construction for use as a cruiser / racer or as a family cruiser, this Yacht features a deck layout designed for easy sailing, allowing the entire crew the opportunity to take his or her turn at the helm (in good weather and open fairways of course!)




                                                     Principal Characteristics 

                                            • Length: 18.30 m
                                            • Beam: 4.80 m
                                            • Draft: 3.30 m
                                            • Displacement: 19.60 Tm
                                            • Ballast: 7.20 Tm
                                            • Engine: 100-120 Hp
                                            • Water: 300 lt
                                            • Fuel: 600 lt
                                            • Sail Area: 179 m2





                                             New cruising yacht under construction with different interior options of 3 or 4 cabins. Option of a large Owner's forward cabin plus 2 independent stern cabins and Option with an additional double cabin in the centre. Built in moderate composite and with high performance hull, keel and rudder lines as well as rigging, for use as a cruiser/racer or as a family cruiser. Simple deck lines with a sharp character and a large cockpit where the activity is centered. Easy handling with single central winch for main sail and no runners.

                                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                                            For more information regarding this brand new, and absolutely brilliant 60'(18.3meter) Performance Sailing Yacht (IBIZA), please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                                            48' (14.5meter) Performance Sailing Yacht



                                            Principal Characteristics  

                                            • Overall Length: 14.50 m

                                            • Waterline Length: 12.40 m

                                            • Max. Beam: 4.30 m

                                            • Draft: 2.30-3.20 m

                                            • Displacement: 12000 kg

                                            • Ballast: 4400 kg

                                            • Engine: Max. 75 HP

                                            • Fuel: 265 lt

                                            • Main Sail: 63.0 m2

                                            • Genoa: 59.0 m2




                                            The 48' is a modern cruiser of great character with looks that are intended to transcend short-term fashion by remaining appealing over extended periods of time. An effective, modern hull shape offers an optimum balance between high speed performance and confortable cruising. A simplified sail plan, intelligent deck layout and quality hardware Packaged ensure safe and easy handling even for reduced crews. Plenty of deck space and one of the biggest cockpits of yachts of a similar size make the 48’ a perfect choice for families. Barracuda have also been responsible for the design of the interior which follows a modern and simple style, yet remains pleasant and welcoming with living spaces of generous proportions.

                                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                                            For more information regarding the fantastic Valencia 48’ (14.5meter) Performance Sailing Yacht please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                                            40' (12.5 meter) Cruiser/Racer



                                            Principal Characteristics  

                                            • Overall Length: 12.5 m

                                            • Waterline Length: 11.75 m

                                            • Max. Beam: 3.99 m

                                            • Draft: 1.90/2.40 m

                                            • Displacement: 7000 kg

                                            • Ballast: 2450 kg

                                            • Engine: 29 HP

                                            • Water: 400 lt

                                            • Fuel: 160 lt

                                            • Main Sail: 43 m2

                                            • Genoa: 38 m2






                                            Cruising Yacht with surprising exterior and interior spaces. Her cockpit is the largest in its class. She has two steering wheels, central table in cockpit and electronics support plus an especially comfortable access to a swim platform at the cockpit level. Deck cabin with separate solarium and halyards area. Very large interiors, superior to others in its class. Large forward cabin with private toilet and two double stern cabins.

                                            Decoration in cherry wood with many modern details combined with some retro details. Special attention to details, fittings and accessories. Excellent equipment at a reasonable price.

                                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                                            For more information regarding this fantastic Benissa 40’ (12.5m) Cruiser/Racer please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                                            33' (10 meter) Cruiser/Racer




                                            Principal Characteristics

                                            • Overall Length: 10.00 m

                                            • Waterline Length: 9.8 m

                                            • Max. Beam: 3.25 m

                                            • Draft: 1.66/1.90 m

                                            • Displacement: 4000 kg

                                            • Ballast: 1600 kg

                                            • Engine: 19 HP

                                            • Water: 200 lt

                                            • Fuel: 75 lt

                                            • Main Sail: 29.0 m2

                                            • Genoa: 31.0 m2






                                            Cruiser Racer sold very successfully among cruisers, for both family use and mid-level Regattas. Ready for IMS / CHS racing. Standard cruising version with short keel and moderate rigging with deck hardware of the highest quality. Higher racing version with long keel with no bulb built in lead, extended rigging and lots of additional details of deck hardware. Good interior capacity and the well-known classic efficiency of Ronautica. A great success in sales since 2000.

                                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                                            For more information regarding this fantastic Campello 33' (10m) Cruiser/Racer please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                                            26' (7.48meter) Family Cruiser




                                            Principal Characteristics 

                                            • Overall Length: 7.48 m

                                            • Waterline Length: 7.18 m

                                            • Max. Beam: 2.98m

                                            • Draft: 1.56/1.65 m

                                            • Displacement: 2250 kg

                                            • Ballast: 858 kg

                                            • Crew/Pax: Max. 6

                                            • Engine: 10HP

                                            • Water: 80 lt

                                            • Fuel: 70 lt

                                            • Main Sail: 18.8m2

                                            • Genoa: 17.0m2






                                            Starter family Cruising Yacht with an extended accommodation both in the interior and the exteriors. Ample interior height, separate toilets. Stern cabin with transversal bed. Large cockpit and a very simplified handling for family use. Wide beam and good performance for beginners.

                                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                                            For more information regarding this fantastic Maracena 26’ (7.48m) Sailing Yacht please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                                            25' (7.49 meter) Performance Sailing Yacht

                                            Big sister to Granada 22’, the Gabias 25’ is a sensible step upward toward faster and more comfortable sailing. Understanding the need to increase speed, range and knowledge, Barracuda has put a lot of thought into this Cruiser/ Racer in terms of technical savvy and ergonomics. The cockpit is laid out nicely, allowing comfort with an increased amount of running rigging. Gabias is designed as a Production built boat, offering the builder ease of building in a superior sailor.





                                            Principal Characteristics    

                                            • Overall Length: 7.49m

                                            • Maximum Beam: 2.47m

                                            • Displacement: 1420kg

                                            • Draft: 1.725m

                                            • Engine: 10HP

                                            • Main Sail: 18.2m2

                                            • Genoa: 13.8m2





                                            Production 25’ Monotype Cruiser/Racer built in fibreglass. Simple and easy to handle for use in sailing schools, match–race and as a family cruising yacht. Very technical cockpit with medium-range equipment. Well defined aesthetic with rounded sheerline and absence of gunwale profile. Soft deck shapes and special emphasis on ergonomics.

                                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                                            For more information regarding this fantastic 25’ (7.49meter) Performance Sailing Yacht  please contact us at info@yca-hk.com


                                            22' (7.2 meter) Family Cruiser





                                            Principal Characteristics        

                                            • Overall Length: 7.2m

                                            • Maximum Beam: 2.49m

                                            • Displacement: 1800kg

                                            • Draft: 1.6m

                                            • Engine: 4-10HP

                                            • Main Sail: 14.5m2

                                            • Genoa: 12.5m2







                                            Small initiation cruising yacht for production, simple and economic. Easy to handle and with large cockpit space and interior height superior to most in its category. Medium-light displacement, giving the best performance for beginners, as well as the necessary security for a family cruiser.

                                            Click on PDF for General Arrangements, Sail Plans and Specification Summary in better detail.

                                            For more information regarding this fantastic 22’ (7.2meter) Family Cruiser please contact us at info@yca-hk.com

                                            ....more Barracuda Yacht Designs coming soon


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